phpContext premium Competitive
Lifetime updatesAbsolutely free!
Whole eBay availableAll eBay sites supported
Bot filteringProtect eBay QCP
GeotargettingIncreased revenue due to localized landing pages
More order typesOrder by bid count
FlexibleExtendable using custom plugins
AJAX paging & sortingPaging & sorting without reloading
cURL not requiredCan work without cURL library
Cache moduleultra speed loading
Modern architectureclean, modern, not obfuscated code
Google Rank® protectionProtect your website’s PR
PHP 5.0.1Backwards compatibility
WordPress 2.9.0 — 3.4.1Large range WordPress compatibility
Possibilitiesdifferent ways of showing results endless — plugins with theme capability only views
Search Engine Optimizedcustom urls, image paths automated, using user-friendly forms manual modifications required

phpContext plugin for WordPress

Unleash your blog potential with phpContext. So far it is the best plugin available on the market for adding targeted, highly customized eBay auction listings to your WordPress website through eBay Partner Network affiliate program.

Highly sophisticated and flexible, phpContext will boost your blog revenue to the sky using amazing plugins such as auction listing grid or context based popup. With great caching system, end users won’t notice any page load delay. It does not interfere with WordPress and even does not use it’s database at all!

This could be the best deal of your life

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[phpContext query="" cols=5 rows=2 cache=600 /]

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